Please Support IMAN

Muslim scholar Dr. Umar Abd Allah encourages everyone to support IMAN (the Inner City Muslim Action Network) a non profit organization with which I have been blessed to be associated since its founding.

You can learn more about IMAN and donate here.


3 Responses to “Please Support IMAN”

  1. sabiwabi Says:

    Awww, it’s always nice to hear from Dr. Umar; one of my favorite scholars. May Allah protect him; he is such a blessing to have in our community. I wish the Nawawi classes would start up again. We used to make the trek every Saturday, a one and a half hour drive, just to benefit from those amazing lectures. IMAN is an incredible organization. We always try to make it to their summer street festival. It is amazing to see how many lives they touch. More power to them.

    • abunooralirlandee Says:

      May Allaah (swt) reward you for your kind words for Dr. Umar and IMAN, I definitely agree.

      I guess Nawawi has decided for some time to let Dr. Umar focus on research and writing….it’s certainly important but I kinda wish they would do a class as well.

      What I really wish is that Dr. Umar would write his autobiography. I think he has had an especially fascinating life, but I think for our scholars and community leaders in general, even when we may disagree with them or just have a different perspective on certain things, it would help us so much to understand and appreciate the advice they have for us when we understand the different experiences they have had and the changes in perspective they themselves have undergone.

  2. mohamed ali Says:

    “… but we have to support it right now.” “We have to look at iman as our own child”

    Unfortunately, most Western-born imams and sheikhs focus more on Fiqh than iman. Wish you all the best.

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