Thought for the Day from Yahya Michot

“It is in fact revelation itself that makes Islam a religion of liberation for mankind, freeing God’s servants from all forms of sacerdotalism, ecclesialism, caesaro-papism, Ma ‘munism, esotericism, or neo-Mu’tazilism.”

From “Revelation” by Yahya Michot in The Cambridge Companion to Classical Islamic Theology, edited by Tim Winter.


3 Responses to “Thought for the Day from Yahya Michot”

  1. mofw Says:

    Mashallah, how perfectly incomprehensible.

  2. svend Says:

    I think I know what all the terms, but I’m not sure what the author’s declaration really means, at least based purely on this snippet (interesting as it is).

    I’ll take a stab:
    sacerdotalism=reliance on priests by believers in their relationship with God
    ecclesialism=reliance on churches/sects in the same
    caesaro-papism=merging of church & state
    Ma ‘munism=religious tyranny & intolerance
    esotericism=concern with secret or obscure matters
    neo-Mu’tazilism =over-reliance on logic and personal opinion

  3. Ardan Says:

    So Islam isn’t responsible for any of those things then?

    Reliance on priests or immans by believers in their relationship with God? I think originally islam was supposed to be a personal relationship but it surely cannot be thought of as simply that anymore, not with whole islamic regimes and religious police.
    Merging of the church and state? Iran and Saudi Arabia anybody?
    Religious tyranny & intolerance? If only there weren’t people who believe themselves to be muslims who commit evil and violent deeds in Allahs name
    Over reliance on logic and personal opinion? Since when was this a bad thing? It is nice to be humble and selfless, indeed most religions will advocate that on paper, but logic surely is a virtue.

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