IMAN Fundraising Luncheon Pictures

Photos by Savera Iftikhar

Pictures from “Fruits of Your Iman: The Grand Finale of the Grow Your Iman Fundraising Campaign” Luncheon.

(Can you spot Abu Noor Al-Irlandee in these pictures?)

Please donate to IMAN. Wealth is not decreased by sadaqa.


5 Responses to “IMAN Fundraising Luncheon Pictures”

  1. sabiwabi Says:

    I love IMAN. Did I miss out on their festival this summer? Don’t tell me I did! Oops.

    Now, do these last two posts mean you’re going to start blogging again? I’ll put you back on my blogroll if you do. LOL. (Sorry, I have a pet peeve for blogs that aren’t updated consistently).

    And I think Abu Noor is….is….ummm, in the bottom right hand corner? I was able to spot Dr. Umar, Rami, Azhar, Usama…and I know you’re not African American, Indian or female. Didn’t leave too many other options.

    Am I right? More importantly, do I win a prize?

  2. abunooralirlandee Says:

    Your prize is that you did not in fact, miss Takin’ It to the Streets, IMAN’s summer festival.

    Mark your calendar for June 19, 2010. You can check out the trailer and sign up for updates here.

    It is my intention inshAllah to be writing more frequently. I hope I am able to follow through.

  3. sabiwabi Says:

    Thanks Brother, I am glad we didn’t miss it. We went about 4 years ago, and brought a whole caravan down from Milwaukee. Had a cookout, it was fun. Insha’Allah, we’ll get there again. We’d love to meet your family…seems you’ve got some kiddos too, maybe a playdate at the park is in order? And maybe we’ll get the Maguires in on it too, just for good measure.

    Yeah, blogging is hard and doesn’t pay too well, LOL. But glad to see your back, even if only here or there.


  4. bingregory Says:

    That’s a mashallah beard you got there, brother.

  5. Abu Noor Al-Irlandee Says:

    MaSha Allah. I usually have it bigger than that actually. 🙂

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