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Gaza/Rebel Song of the Day

December 30, 2008

I’ve provided some links at other places to important articles about Gaza that I recommend.  If people aren’t already, I recommend keeping up to date with news and analysis by reading MuslimMatters, Muddled Thoughts, Electronic Intifada, and Angry Arab.

I’m not recommending listening to music…but Irish American Muslim Hip Hop Artist Everlast has a nice video out for his song “Stone in My Hand” which includes the lyrics:

You build your fighter jets

You drop your bombs

You kill our fathers

You kill our moms

Kill our brothers and our sisters and our uncles and our aunts

And STILL I’m fighting with the stone that’s in my hand


Blood runs the gutters

Smoke fills the sky

Every son that suffers

Every mother cries

So if you had enough and ready for your stand

I’ll be waiting with the stone that’s in my hand

Stone in my hand, Stone in my hand

All the love that’s in my heart and the stone that’s in my hand