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Ta Grain Agam ar Thatcher Fos

December 3, 2008
Prince Bandar with Margaret Thatcher

Prince Bandar with Margaret Thatcher

Trespassing on Peaceful Sands — Marryam Haleem

Spring 1981
Bobby Sands on hunger strike in prison, dying
Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher in Saudi Arabia, visiting

Addressing the Saudi government
Who hosted her

He lay there on his side
Paled, eyes glazed, and weakened,
Battered, bereft, belied.
And you sit in the company of his killer.

In the very land where he was born –
The mantled one, opposer of the oppressors–
You honor and uphold that lady of scorn.
And the boy lay dying in dignity.

Read the rest of the poem.

Bobby Sands Street -- Tehran, Iran

Bobby Sands Street -- Tehran, Iran

You can read a piece here on how the Street became named Bobby Sands Street here. It ran in front of the British Embassy and was previously known as Winston Churchill St. I’ve got issues with both Shi’i theology and left wing ideology, but …..
that’s a beautiful thing.


Thought for the day from Bobby Sands

August 27, 2008

New Bobby Sands/Blanket Protest/Hunger Strike Film wins prestigious award at Cannes

June 2, 2008

Bobby Sands Mural

Mural of Bobby Sands — IRA Volunteer, Political Prisoner, Gaeilge (Irish Language) Speaker, Hunger Striker, Elected MP, Martyr

From Cumann Na Saoirse Naisiunia — National Irish Freedom Committee

Bobby Sands film wins prestigious award at Cannes

The film Hunger, dealing with the death of IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands, received the Camera d’Or award at the closing ceremony of the Festival de Cannes on May 25.
The award, one of the most prestigious at Cannes, is given to the director of the best first-time feature film in any section of the festival. The jury chairman, French director Bruno Dumont, and US actor Dennis Hopper presented it.

Director Steve McQueen, the British artist who won the Turner Prize in 1999, accepted the prize. “I’m very proud for myself and the marvelous cast and crew I had on this film,” McQueen said after the awards ceremony. “As we worked on it, I knew that we were making something special. Michael Fassbender [who plays Bobby Sands] is a star, as are Liam Cunningham and Stuart Graham, and our young actors, Liam McMahon and Brian Milligan. They are the weight, heart and soul of the film.”

Hunger became the subject of many bidding battles at Cannes. Before the festival closed, the rights had been sold to distributors in the US, UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Portugal, Greece, Australia and New Zealand. The film is likely to go on cinema release in the autumn.

Hunger employs minimal dialogue for its extended final sequence as it observes the physical deterioration of Sands, who died after 66 days on hunger strike. This is a harrowing, deliberately disturbing sequence in which the performance of German-born, Killarney-raised actor Michael Fassbender is astonishing.

Here is the trailer for the film:

Funeral of Bobby Sands

Funeral of Bobby Sands