This blog will, God willing, contain the thoughts and observations of the Fenian Islamist Abu Noor Al-Irlandee.  Abu Noor refers to the fact that my oldest child is my daughter Noor, and Al-Irlandee means “The Irishman.”  I am a lawyer living in Chicago and have been a Muslim for over 13 years.

I hope to have a lot of little bits I like from different books and stuff, and if I have the time and the discipline some book reviews and the like.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Sukant Says:

    good stuff brother.

    I saw Gerry Adams speak last night in London, was a good one.


  2. Yusuf Padraig El-Irlandi Says:

    Salamun Alaikum wa Dia Duit! Finally! I find a brother such as myself! Would like to speak to you more brother, please contact me when you get a chance, Insha Allah!

  3. Bang Gully Says:

    As salaam wa laikum,

    AbuNoor, I have commented on your blog before as well as at TalkIslam under the moniker “BangGully”I am a big fan of your writing there and always enjoy reading your comments. I understand you are a lawyer. I just finished my first year at law school and I was wondering if you could give me some advice as someone struggling with their faith and wondering whether I can be a lawyer and still hold my ethics in the face of debt and pressure (family, societal, etc). If you can give me your email address I would love to get some feedback from you.


    Naved Husain (my real name)

  4. Junaid M. Afeef Says:

    Abu Noor:

    You need to get back to writing my friend. The vacation is over.


    Junaid M. Afeef
    aka Abu Hawkeyes al Iowa

  5. jeremiah Says:

    As salamu alaikum,
    Just made it to your blog. We had a brief convo on a muslimmatters article a couple of weeks ago. I am originally from Chicago (South Side). Send me an e-mail if you would like to meet up some day. It is always good to know more brothers in the area. I am planning to visit Chi next month, inshaAllah.


  6. bingregory Says:

    Salams Abu Noor – do you have a gmail address? I’d like to get at you via gchat.

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