Thought for the day from Bobby Sands


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2 Responses to “Thought for the day from Bobby Sands”

  1. fairuza Says:

    Beautiful quote!

  2. Marryam Says:

    And Bobby Sands was an even more beautiful person. His life and struggle, and that of those with him, especially in the Blanket Protest and 1980-81 hunger strikes is something that everyone should study and know.

    It shows you what human beings who strive are capable of.

    It also shows, with crystal clarity, the absolute importance of freedom, justice and dignity. These are not luxuries, but our rights. They are our rights because God has placed them in us, we cannot survive without them.

    Their’s is a devastating story, but hopeful also because God does not fail to reward those who do good in this life and the next. I for one pray for them every day. And I try to do my part in instilling and acting on the profound lessons they’ve taught me.

    Enough. But I can’t keep silent when it comes to Bobby Sands and the Blanketmen.

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