Unfair Dealing: The Toronto Homegrown Terror Threat

There is a must watch documentary available to watch regarding the alleged Toronto Terror Plot.  As with many of these stories which start with sensational allegations and much self-congratulation by authorities in the media when one actually examines the truth one sees a parade of shady informants, agent provacateurs, and government security services interested more in widening their own powers and selling a story to the public than in actually protecting anybody or in the innocent Muslim lives that are ruined. 

Go to this Muslim Matters Post to see the video.

 UPDATE:  One can also go here for more information about the brothers and how you can help.

4 Responses to “Unfair Dealing: The Toronto Homegrown Terror Threat”

  1. oswald Says:

    four of them plead guilty and admitted involvement – one was found guilty. you know unfair dealing is produced by a jew?

  2. abunooralirlandee Says:


    What in the world does the producer’s religion or ethnicity have to do with anything. May God reward him for producing work on such an important topic.

  3. realityChek Says:

    hey wait – aren’t you a lawyer? why would you cite the documentary over the verdicts in court? anyway – you’re right, his background has nothing to do with it

  4. Abu Noor Al-Irlandee Says:


    Thanks for your comment.

    Yes, I’m a lawyer. Actually it is in great deal because I’m a lawyer that I know that guilty verdicts do not tell the whole story — actually they’re not even meant to.

    In any event, there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding when people like me complain about the actions of the government in cases like this. If you’ll read what I wrote again, you’ll find that nowhere did I claim that the people involved are absolutely and totally innocent and never did anything that would be a violation of the law (of course putting aside the morality of the laws)..(I don’t know any of them personally they may be and they may not…I don’t know and I may not approve of everything they said or did either) I said that when you look into a lot of these cases, you’ll see a lot of stuff done by the government that I find repugnant and which leads me to believe that the government’s main interest is other than keeping people safe.

    That’s what I said. I hope that helps clarify. I don’t mind disagreeing with people, but I feel better when people disagree with what I actually am saying, not with what I am not saying.

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